2GB E Series USB MP3 WALKMAN (Red)

2 GB with clear audio technology, direct USB for easy connection and easy operation. This MP3 Walkman Series allows design and colour inter-change with “Style-Up® Panels” and uses the Drag and Drop function to easily transfer files from your PC to your WALKMAN MP3 Player.

• 2 GB capacity that gives up to 1, 350 tracks (bit rage 48kbps)
• Up to 28 hours of music battery stamina
• Bright and clear 3-line LCD Colour Screen Display for easy navigation and to see CD cover art
• Allows design and colour inter-change with “Style-Up® Panels” (Optional Accessories)
• Clear Stereo & Clear Bass sound enhancement systems for superb sound quality
• Smart music sorting functions to make searching for your desired songs easily – Folder, File name sort or Song/Album, Artist name